Protect :

to keep something
ore someone safe

Digital information to reduce pressure on protected areas

Digitize the Planet e. V. supports protected area administrations in the digital communication of rules and regulations. This enables digital and timely visitor guidance.


Digitize the Planet e. V. offers protected areas the opportunity to digitize rules and regulations. This makes them accessible to a broad user group.

Currently, the process is still supported manually, which means that protected areas send their information to Digitize the Planet as excel files. In spring 2022, the first users will be able to enter their data directly in a standardized interface. The digitized and georeferenced standards will then be available as Open Data.

Digitize the Planet acts as an interface to tour portals and platforms. The data will be distributed as widely as possible. The aim is to inform outdoor enthusiasts in a timely manner about protected areas and applicable standards. This way visitors can be guided and prepared accordingly throughout the planning process.

Benefits from Digitize the Planet

Verified users

Verified users can enter and manage rules of the protected areas they are responsible for.

User-friendly data entry

Standardized entry of rules and regulations for protected areas via the Digitize the Planet interface.

Preparation of information

The information entered is turned into georeferenced, standardized data in Open Data format.

Dissemination of rules & regulations

Digitize the Planet provides the link to e.g. tour portals. In this way, the data can be further distributed as Open Data.

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