Conflict :

a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one

Guiding visitors, preventing conflicts of use

Sustainable visitor guidance promotes the conflict-free movement of guests. Digitally and timely informed guests move on routes specifically selected for them.

The non-profit association supports tourism regions in efficient visitor guidance, taking normative principles into account.

Protected areas

Digitize the Planet e. V. works together with protected areas in your destination and digitizes the valid rules.

Rules and regulations

Digitize the Planet e. V. processes and disseminates data on rules and regulations about the use of nature.

Linkable information

The information on which the data is based can be processed and prepared as Open Data for common applications such as tour portals.

Competence Center

Digitize the Planet e. V. is your contact and combines knowledge about the rules and regulations for the use of nature with digital visitor guidance and Open Data.

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