Daten :

information, especially facts or numbers, collected to be examined and considered

Digitized rules for the use of nature

Digitize the Planet makes Open Data freely available. To this end, data is compiled, digitized, and processed in georeferenced, structured, and machine-readable form. As Open Data, they could then be made available to Internet portals and subsequently accessible to users. This is the basis for the digital dissemination of information on appropriate behavior in nature and the outdoors.

Digital data platform

Digitize the Planet e.V. is creating a data platform that allows authorized protected area managers to enter and maintain their rules in a structured way. This data infrastructure manages the rules and all necessary spatial and non-spatial additional information and makes them openly available via a website application and its API.

Online platform

Digitize the Planet provides open data and interfaces to rules in protected areas. These are designed for easy integration into the route planning of outdoor touring portals and platforms. The integration actively supports digital visitor guidance and nature conservation.

Through our API, the rules are made available to outdoor platforms. This is the basis for the digital dissemination of information on appropriate behaviour in nature and the landscape.

Contact us and together we will develop the standards for a successful exchange of rules with your platform.

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