We want to provide visitors with a feel good experience by helping everyone enjoy nature according to the rules, without harming it.

We achieve this goal by digitizing all relevant regulations, including laws and local agreements that regulate behavior in nature.


Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, who respectfully move in harmony with nature in nature reserves.

Outdoor platforms, that play out the applicable rules and regulations within the protected areas.


All protected area information and rules from the constantly growing database are displayed in our platform and are made available via our API.


Digitize the Planet is a non-profit association with a startup mentality and passion for networks. That’s why we are bringing together stakeholders from conservation, tourism, and tour portals. Together we are committed to digital visitor guidance.



Information about rules for the use of nature is integrated into every tour platform, navigation app, and outdoor platform. Impressive nature experiences and diverse outdoor sports do not stand in the way of high-quality nature and species conservation, and biodiversity is not endangered.


laws for use in nature on an international level. Subsequently, these rules and laws are structured and digitized in order to make them available free of charge as georeferenced and machine-readable Open Data.


Together with all stakeholders from nature conservation, tourism, and outdoor sports, we are able to create a responsible relationship with nature. We will achieve this goal through digitized, standardized, and open rules, laws, and local agreements for use in nature.

Digitize the Planet provides outdoor platforms with the applicable rules and regulations within protected areas.

So that outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers are already on the right track when planning!

More and more people are enjoying nature, but often they unaware of the rules

  • Pressure increases even where strict protection measures have been put in place
  • Sensitive spaces are put under undue strain
  • Conflicts between users increase
  • Property owners become more restrictive
  • Guests are dissatisfied

The tour begins long before departure

  • Only digital information reaches guests before they even start their trip
  • To ensure that information can reach all visitors at the right time, it must be possible to integrate it into any system
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