Membership :

belonging to a group

Let’s create the future of Digitize the Planet together and become a member. Via regular digital information and the annual general meeting, you will receive news without detours. Your voice counts.

With your membership, you directly support the work of Digitize the Planet e. V. and make a valuable contribution to the digitization of the rules for the use of nature.

Benefits of membership at Digitize the Planet e.V.:

  • data input & support
  • active contribution to environmentally sustainable outdoor sports & digital visitor guidance
  • News on digital visitor gudance & open data
  • Invitation to the DIGITIZE Dialogue
  • Participation in surveys
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Maintaining the work of Digitze the Planet e. V.

Membership application

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    Annual membership fee: The membership fee in the year of accession is collected in the month of accession. The annual billing then takes place in December.

    Membership fees

    Organizational StructureFees
    Private Company2.000 €
    Nationwide Association, Club, Foundation, State1.000 €
    State-wide Association, Club, Foundation, Federal State500 €
    Regional Association, Club, Foundation, Administration of Major Protected Areas, District, County250 €
    Local Association, Club, Foundation, Sponsor of other Protected Areas, Municipality150 €
    Personal Supporting Membermin.80 €

    Reduction of fees after the date of entry in the current year:

    • April – June: 25 %
    • July – September: 50 %
    • October – December: 75 %

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